Germany - The Romance of Bavaria


Take a look at the most colorful Southern part of Germany. Watch hang-glider enthusiasts take off from the top of tall cliffs. Visit the eye-popping sights of Munich, Oberammergau, and the Black Forest. Take a Rhine steamer cruise to Cologne, making a study of the ancient robber-baron castles along the banks of the Rhine. Then make a detailed examination of the architectural and interior beauties of Herrenchiemse, Linderhof, and Neuschwanstein; the more modern castles constructed by King Ludwig II of Bavaria during his 19th century reign. Study Ludwig's special patronage and relationship with composer Richard Wagner, who's music sets the background for this film.
This film is the winner of a gold medal for Best of Show in the Photographic Society of America International Film Festival.
This is the fourth film in the five-part "Ray Marr's Arm-Chair European Travel" Series.